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A person looking at books in a library.

研究, experiential learning and creative expression are core to the student experience at Syracuse University. 巨大的图书馆, research collections, museums and galleries provide endless opportunities to discover and deepen virtually any interest.

With quiet study spaces, group meeting rooms, 无线接入, 24/7 assistance and over 4 million books, journals and other items, Syracuse University 库 supports research and scholarship throughout campus and beyond.

View of interior of a library with large, open central area
  • 卡内基图书馆 provides a beautiful, historic reading room for quiet study. Team rooms and a computer and printer room are also available.
  • 鸟图书馆 provides collections, resources, spaces and experts to support academic success. 从开放, collaborative work areas to reservable and private rooms to wellness spaces, there’s a place for every learning style or preference. 鸟图书馆 houses study materials for humanities, 社会科学, audiovisual resources, government 出版物, 地图, the Miron Learning Commons, the Mower Faculty Commons, BlackStone Launchpad for entrepreneurialism, special collections and archives (see below), and library administration.
  • King + King Architecture Library houses architecture course reserves, current periodical titles and reference works.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. 纪念图书馆 reflects the African American studies curriculum, while illuminating Black lives, 历史, and cultural practices the focus of systematic academic inquiry.
  • College of Law Library has study materials for the educational and research needs of the Syracuse University College of Law, the University and the community at large.

Visitors will find more than just books and journals at our libraries. 库’ staff are available to help you find, evaluate and use information. Resources such as assistive technology, 研究指南, public workstations, 代替品的技术, printers and copiers are also available to help support success at Syracuse University.

Special Collections

Special Collections 研究 Center (SCRC) is home to Syracuse University’s primary source materials, including rare printed and archival resources like original manuscripts, 照片, 艺术作品, audio and video recordings and much more. 对学生开放, 教师, 工作人员及访客, the SCRC provides an in-depth look, not only at our history, but also at topics ranging in time, format and academic interest.

Archivist Vanessa St.Oegger-Menn at Pan Am 103  pursuit of justice exibit.

General Collections

Museums 和画廊

Coalition of Museum and Art Centers (CMAC) showcases the University’s holdings, academic research in the arts and art community resources through exhibitions, 出版物, public presentations and education.

People inside a museum.

CMAC brings together the programs, services and projects of several different art centers and museums in the campus community in an effort to expand the public’s awareness, 理解, appreciation and involvement in the visual and electronic arts.

Explore Our Virtual Library 之旅s


For natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, engineering and computer science, library and information science, nutrition and health, 摄影, 技术艺术, and military and naval sciences.


对人文学科, 社会科学, audiovisual resources, government 出版物, 地图, the Learning Commons, special collections and archives (see above), and library administration.

King + King Architecture Library

For architecture course reserves, current periodical titles and reference works.

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